Estonian triathletesDecember 14, 2010

Raimo Raudsepp

Height: 189cm

Weight: 66-73kg

When did you start with triathlon: 2002.a.

Best results: IM Wisconsin 2009 3rd place, IM Hawaii 2010 64th place, IM Australia 2008 9th place, IM Florida 2006 13th place, IM Lanzarote 2006 25th place, Military World Championships 2006 Sattenas 16th place, 6xEstonian Champion in trithlon 2005-2007,

Goals: closest is qualify for IM Kona (done)

He is one mystical guy.

Nickname: Kilu (Baltic Hering)

Raimo has trained with Estonian triatlon team since 2005., when he first joined our trainingcamp in Torremolinos.  On this drive, from Estonia to Spain,  he got his nickname, cause he is  so slim he fitted into the tiniest place in the car. His weakest part, his health. If he would have stayed heathly his way to the top of IM world would have been twice as fast.

Swimming: Interesting fact about his swimming abilities is that he can swim better outdoors than in the pool. He also bought his first wetsuit from me. Allthough it is unnatural that a person with so low level fat % to float on water. Not many of us would consider him a good swimmer, he can hit the spot once in a while. Example Ironman Australia 2007 with a 49 min.

Bike: One of the biggest mystery is that Raimo can bike well with such a thin legs. He has proved that all over again that he can surprise with his superior bikingskills. He has yet to put together a complete race where he swim/bike/run at his best. Also being so thin gives him big advatage as wind has to blow twice to hit him 🙂  If you need a best bike shops then you can also take a look at sites like Shoppok.

Run: Raimo is a natural runner. When you look at him running so effortlessly you wonder if he is really pushing hard.  If I use more or less the same kind of muscles for cycling and running, he is one of them who switches from big muscle groups to little ones when he starts running.

Kirill Kotšegarov


Weight:80kg(usually less than that because he likes to diet)

Started with triathlon 2004

Results: Pühajärve triathlon 1st place 2009, IM Florida 2009.a. 1st place, IM Saint Geroge 4th place, Estonian 1/2 Ironman Championships 1st place, Home de Ferro triathlon, Spain 2nd place

Goals: to qualify for Kona (already done within first year of long distance racing)

Something about Kirill: After exams the head just doesnt “cut” anymore.

Nickname: Koger

2009 was a breaktrough year for Kirill. He won Ironman Florida on his first attemt on Iron distace racing. He also won Pühajärve triathlon which was the biggest triathlon event in Estonia in 2009 and he was undoubtably the best triathlete in Estonia in 2009. His succsess didn’t flollow quite in 2010. 4th place in IM Saint George was respectable but the rest of the years preparation went down the drain with DNF in Kona (some serious cramping problems). He is a working horse type of triathlete and if his health holds up, he can be on the podium in an IM race or 70.3 race pretty soon.

Swim: Even tough Kirill was swimmer as a kind his abilities as freestyle swimmer need to be improved. He has a killer breaststroke but it doesn’t count in triathlon.  But he can suprise, as he did in 2008 Estonian Olympic distance Championships when he only lost a minute to me in the swim.

Bike:I can feel that bike and biking are very important for him. They are also very clear subject. If he wants to develop some area of his TT position or need some new stuff for his bike he would do the ultimate research and then decide what is best. And the most important part, he is good on the bike. He likes to push hard and do hard riding. He is one true Estonian boneengine powered motorcycle. Every single time he joins me for a ride our avg speed is 3km/h quicker than riding by myself.

Run:For a shorter distance his legs are just not long and fast enough. But for Ironman his leg turnover and stride is perfect. He can run really well off a hard bike. All that tells you that the boy can run!!

Aleksandr “Sass” Latin

Height: 190 cm

Weight: 76-83 kg

Started triathlon on 2005

Best results: European Championships U23 2008  9th place,ITU world Championships sprint distance 29th place, Estonian Champion 2009 in Olympic distance  MV,  CISM India 2007 16th place, CISM regional Championships Estonia 1st place 2010.

Goals: Qualify for  London 2012 Olympic Games,  European and WCS series top 5.

About Sass: Sleeping is very important!!!

Sass (as we all call him, but internationaly Aleksandr sounds better) is newest guy in our triathlon eile. He has been in the business for 5 years and has already achieved quite a bit. I have trained with him a lot in last few years. He is always in a good mood and keeps going until he is blown a part. After the blow he is always willing to sleep, anywhere anytime. He has mystical power to squeeze everything out from himself when he is going hard. When you want him going hard just point at the direction and follow, if you can!

Swim: Sass is like me, a former swimmer but his abilities need to be improved. He is a first pack swimmer in ITU races just not every single time. Just some more KM in the pool and some work in the gym. He has the speed now he needs the endurance!

Bike: Sass has imporved his bike every single year. Even if few years ago he wasn’t one of the best bikers in Estonian triathlon he has developed his skill a lot. He has quite slim legs, but that hasn’t stoped noone to acheave anything on the bike. He likes to follow, so the peloton ride is very well suited for him!

Run: Running with Sass has been an ultimate pleasure. He is fast on his feet and can start the effort really fast. Usually it took me 500m to catch up with him again. Now when I have made the switch to longer distances I can not catch him at all. I think he can ultimately run very quick(sub 30min for 10km) but he just needs to do a lot of work before.

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