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Name:              Albert Marko

Born:                25th of June 1979.a.

Marital Status: married, 1 daughter

Education:            higher, Estonian National Defence and Public Service Academy, Tartu University masters in business administration 2008-…….

Hobbies:            movies, reading, different languages

I was born and raised in Tallinn. Even now I live with my family in Pääsküla (small place in Tallinn), which is in my opinion one of the best places for a triathlete to live in Tallinn.

When I was young I changed school several times, because of sport. I graduated high school in Estonian Sports Gymnasium as a swimmer. After that I went to study in Estonian National Defence and Public Service Academy. I started there as a student for Military College but as the changes came in Estonian Military politics I changed faculty to Police Investigation(aka Criminal Law). If I had chosen military studies I couldn’t have had a future in triathlon. I have never regretted the choice I made even through my friends have made great career in Estonian Armed Forces. During the studies I received support from my classmates and also from the Academy. I’m really grateful for these possibilities I had to study and train.

I graduated the Academy in 2001 and after that I have lived a life of professional triathlete. I’m sure that the diploma from Academy won’t be the last diploma I’ll ever get. After my second Olympics in Beijing I started to study business administration in Tartu University but due my still professional athlete status and family obligations I didn’t graduate with 2 years of study. During next year I plan to finish these studies.

I started triathlon in autumn 1997. Now I have my 12th racing season coming up (2011). Before triathlon I was a swimmer for 11 years. My coaches were Reet Männik and Liina Oks. Both of them have been very important in my sporting career. Liina Oks was the one who suggested that I could try triathlon. From the start of triathlon till now I have had only one coach- Jüri Käen. He is the key person in my development and in entire Estonian triathlon. Our work together has been great. I trust him in every single way and that is making our work successful. In training camps I have to train mostly without him because he has a day job. I can also thank Danish triathlete Rasmus Henning and his coach Michael Krüger. They have supported me a lot with their knowledge in triathlon and also in other ways.

My goal has always been to get better (to be best) as a triathlete. I haven’t given up on that! I have tried to be realistic and set the goals I can achieve. In triathlon there is also the luck factor (as everywhere in sports) so you cannot predict the results. I will give MY best in every race!!!!  That’s why I don’t have to feel the guilt not doing enough.  No regrets just results!

My role model in triathlon has been Kirill Litovtsenko. He has helped me since the day I started triathlon. I hope that someday I can pass it all on!!!!!

Best Results

Season 1998

23.07.98 Estonian Championships in Triathlon 7th place, 1st place in junior division

01.08.98 Tallinn Championships 2nd place

29.08.98 Radio Kuma birthday triathlon 2nd place

12.09.98 Estonian Championships in  Duathlon 5th place

It was my first season in triathlon. In May I broke my leg in the boxing lesson. That affected my whole season. I started to run again in July. The first finish was 7th place in Estonian Championships. My best race that season was the last one in Estonia, a popular race on Radio Kuma birthday.

Season 1999

08.05.99 Vulcano International Triathlon  6th place

06.06.99 Tallinn Old Town  triathlon 1st place

01.07.99 European Championships Madeira junior division 19th place

10.07.99 Pärnu triathlon 1st place

16.07.99 Watergate triathlon 1st place

24.07.99 Estonian Championships in Triathlon 3rd place

12.09.99 Estonian Championships in Duathlon 2nd place

03.10.99 European Cup race in Madeira 14th place

20.10.99 European Cup final Alanya 18th place

Season 1999 was the first international season for me, but the last as a junior. In Spring I went to the triathlon training camp abroad for the first time. Elder Estonian triathletes taught me. This gave me a lot as an athlete. 19th place in Europeans (in juniors) was a good result for me. I also won my first races in Estonia.

Season 2000

06.05.00 Vulcano International Triathlon 4th place

30.07.00 University World Championships 13th place

05.08.00 Estonian Cup race 1st place

24.09.00 Under 23  European Championships 6th place

30.09.00 European Cup race Madeira 10th place

18.10.00 European Cup Final Alanya  17th place

The best results in season 2000 came in the second half of the year. The big step forward in my triathlon career was the 6th place in under 23 European Championships. Also 13th place in University Worlds and 17th in European Cup final were good enough. I started to get the taste of triathlon racing. In Estonia I managed to win everybody in the most important Estonian Cup race.

Season 2001

10.06.01  Tallinn Old Town  triathlon 1st place

05.07.01 Military World Championships 6th place

14.07.01 Estonian Triathlon Championships 1st place

21.07.01 Regional  CISM-I Triathlon Championships, Otepää 1st place

25.08.01 Panevežis triathlon 1st place

24.10.01 Under 23 European Championships Alanya 9th place

Estonian Triathlon Cup winner

This season was more or less affected by my graduation. I could not join my teammates for the base training camp. That’s why I didn’t attend as much international races as I wanted to. 6th place in Military Worlds proved me that I still have a lot to do. In Estonia I won almost everything. Estonian Cup and also got my first Estonian Champion title.

Season 2002

29.06.02 ITU Diners Club Triathlon  3rd place

05.06.02 ITU European Championships  15th place

20.06.02 Military World Championships 6th place

27.06.02 Estonian Triathlon Championships 1st place

11.08.02 University World Championships 10th place

21.09.02 ITU World Cup Nice 33rd place

09.11.02 ITU under 23 World Championships 10th place

2002 season was my first season as a professional triathlet. The best results were 3rd place in Copenhagen and 15th place in European Champs. I got the first taste form two World Cups….. In Estonia I successfully defended my title. My  place in ITU world rankings in the end of the year was 134th.

Season 2003

21.06.03 ITU European Championships 11th place

13.07.03 ITU World Cup Edmonton 12th place

20.07.03 ITU World Cup Corner Brook 6th place

02.08.03 Military World Championships 2nd place

This season has been most successful so far! The success in European Championships ( 11th ) and in Edmonton(12th) and Corner Brook (6th) World Cups has  brought me up to the top 100 in ITU world rankings. All thought the season isn’t over; let us count the chickens in autumn!!!

Season 2004

Bay Islands Triathlon (Roatan Honduras) 6th place

Alicante duathlon Spain 1. Place

Military World Championships  3rd place

ITU World Cup Corner Brook 8th place

ITU World Cup Tizaujvaros 9th place

Athens Olympic Games  21st place

ITU World Cup Cancun 14th place

ITU World Cup Rio de Janeiro 2nd place

2004 season was special for me. I had to start racing almost three months before I normally start with my season. I had a lot of misfortune during the season, canceling some races, one in Mexico and one in Canada, crash on the bike, knee injury. But despite that I managed to show some great results. Three times in World Cup top 10 on of them 2.nd place. Getting a wild card to Olympic Games was a great surprise and it made up for all the misfortune I had before. The race in Athens was very hard.  I was satisfied with the result as I left all my power to the course.  Finishing my season with second place in Rio de Janeiro was just perfect. It gave me a lot of strength to push forwards.

Season 2005

Military World Championships 2nd place

ITU World Cup Corner Brook 20th place

ITU World Cup Saltford  27th place

ITU World Cup Peking 21st place

Season 2005 wasn’t as successful as I hoped. It was greatly interfered buy a tonsil operation in December 2004. Preparation for the season went really well and I expected great results. Despite some magic runs in the training I couldn’t put it into results.

Season 2006

ITU  World Cup New Plymouth  2nd place

Military World Championships 3rd place

Bundesliga,  Bocholt 2nd place

ITU World Championships, Lausanne 38th place

ITU World Cup finishes  31st-35th place

Season 2006 can be recapped with my last race. I came out from nowhere to take second podium of my World Cup career. The whole season I was struggling with the same problems like last year. In November 2005 Dr Mardna operated my left knee that was injured before Athens Olympic Games. Knee pain was deistracting me from training and racing well. In the end we had to make a surgery. I was fully back into the game after 10 months.

Also positive about the season was training with 2004 European Champion Rasmus Henning and racing for Asics Team Witten in Germany.

Season 2007

ITU World Cup Ishigaki 6th place

ITU World Cup Lisbon 25th place

ITU World Cup Eilat 25th place

Season 2007 was greatly affected by Achilles Injury. I raced in the beginning of the season and in the end of the season. With 6th place in Ishigaki World Cup I proved that I can race with the best of triathlon world and come out on top. Now My focus is on getting 100% healthy and starting 2008 season with a bang.

Season 2008:

  • ITU WC Madrid, 17th place
  • ITU World Champs Vancouver, 30th place
  • Military World Championships, 8th place
  • Estonian champion in Olympic distance
  • ITU WC New Plymouth, 22nd place
  • Olympic Games Beijing, 41st place

The first half of the season I spent hunting the ticket to Beijing Olympic Games. In the end I got it and started to prepare for the games. As a preparation I also did race in Estonian Olympic distance championships and won the title back after some years not taking part of the race. At the end of the seaon I raced for mu French club Poissy. The season ended with Achilles tendon surgery in Tallinn.

Season 2009:

  • 70,3 Ironman, Austria, 4th place
  • 70,3 Ironman,  Šveits, 13th place
  • 70,3 Ironman World Championships in Clearwater, USA, 39th place

In the begining of the season I did a lot of work to get myself back running. I also did some cross-country skiing as a nice preparation and too part in one major event. Tartu marathon is the bigges skiing race in Estonia, held every year. My father has won it twice and I also wanted to see, how far would I get there. Finished with 38th place but I lost to first female, that says it all. I achived reasonable shape for my first try at Ironman 70,3. It happened in Austria and a chance to race one the best names in triathlon. 4th place wasn’t bad. After that most of the summer went towards the wrong direction. I didn’t recover and pushed myself too hard and in direct result lost my unbeaten rally in Estonia. Wraped the season up in Clearwater with 39th place which was very far from what I expected. After that I had to turn back to the surgery table and had second surgery on my Achilles tendon in Finland.

Season 2010:

  • 70,3 Ironman Austin, 2nd place
  • 70,3 Ironman Augusta, 8th place
  • Estonian Champion
  • Estonian Cup winner
  • Military regional Championships, 4th place

Before February I didn’t run a single step. From then on I made some attempts but failed every time. I decided to race all summer in Estonia. Turn back to my roots, start from the very begining. I did that and got better and better as the season went on. Then I decided that I needed some international output. With 70,3 Augusta and 70,3 Austin I realized I still have something in my. Besides my will to move mountains I also found out that I’m capable of staying in front of the race. Swim bike are good now I just need to run more. Welcome 2011!!!

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  1. Dave and Libby

    Hi Marko,

    Great web site! I was thinking about you guys and am happy to see things are going well. Good luck, stay well, and give our best to Kai!

    Dave and Libby

  2. Ulli Huber

    Hello Marko,

    it was nice to meet you at the airport in munich.
    Hope you arrived Estonia well and your feeds are not hurting anymore.

    Keep on going

    Whenever you are in Austria again let me know

    Best regards from London



    Hey Marko
    Congratulations on your Kona race. You did a great race. Hope you have recovered well. I gave you a shout on the Queen K when you on your way to the finish and I was on my way to the Energy Lab. In the end I beat 10hrs, 9hrs 55min. I was pleased with this. It was good to see you in Kona

  4. Hey Marko
    Congratulations on your Kona race. You did a great race. Hope you have recovered well. I gave you a shout on the Queen K when you on your way to the finish and I was on my way to the Energy Lab. In the end I beat 10hrs, 9hrs 55min. I was pleased with this. It was good to see you in Kona


  5. Linda Rahal

    Dear Marko,

    Congratulations on competing in the GoPro Ironman World Championship, and your impressive 16th place finish! My name is Linda Rahal and I have worked with at least 20-30 professional triathletes to secure visas that allow them to live, train and compete in the United States. You can look at our website at http://www.trowrahal.com for more information, including testimonials of other triathletes. If you are interested in the learning about visas for triathletes, please email me at lrahal@trowlaw.com or call at 202-537-4830. I can email you a memo about the different visa options and what the criteria are for each.

    If you are already training in the United States, you still might need immigration representation if any of the following apply to you:
    • If you already have a P-1 or O-1 visa and are considering switching sponsors or no longer have a contract with the company that sponsored your visa
    • If you don’t have a visa, but are earning money for races in the US other than prize money
    • If you are considering or would like to consider making the US your home, you might want to apply for permanent resident (commonly known as “green card”) status as this process can sometimes take several years to complete.
    If any of the above apply, then please feel free to contact me to discuss your options.

  6. Brian Dunnigan

    I hope this e.mail finds you well and l hope you dont mind me writing to you But l collect authentic autographs from leading Triathletes from all over the world and if its not to much trouble please could you if at all possible try and obtain any authentic/real autographs from Marko Albert please
    I really hope you can help me please, and please wish Marko a very Happy Birthday today

    My address Is Liden Kirstens Vej 7, 9700 Brønderslev, Denmark
    Thanking You
    With Kind Regards
    Brian Dunnigan

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